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Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time, and have health problems as a result. Why do many working people not get enough exercise? What can be done about this problem? The vast majority of people who works, do not exercise in both their work time and leisure time, consequently it would causes them various kinds of diseases. I, as a working person, opine that the lack of enough time may be where the problem lies. Lack of time is sometimes routed in an unmanaged scheduling and this could be the main reason that both people who work and those who do not work, have the same problem with their life timetable. Thus, being able to balance between our working time and our free time is a useful skill that all the people have to learn, because it could even influence our health. On the other handhowever, there would be some resolutions for those types of employees who work the whole week, and literally have no time to exercise, such as providing a gym at the workplaces with fulltime workers to protect their body and mental health. Besides, not doing exercise may be considered as a result of exhaustion which is caused by the hard work during the weekdays. After a fulltime working week and having a lot of responsibilities in the family time, we may find it difficult to have enough energy for doing a sport. We should keep in mind that a more healthy body would be a more practical one, so if we need it to be capable for another working week, we have to support its needs, even at a the price of reducing the time or the amount of our work. To sum up, having enough exercise is vital for all the people, whereas but the problem isthere is a lack of time and energy issue for those who work. Health should be the highest priority at in any society and a sport program should be considered for everyone by providing a convenient place or dedicating a proper amount of time.

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