97.10.07 Speaking Workshop Session 38 The Environment

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1. To na avail / for decades poor people participated in election in hopes of
gaining democracy to na avail
2. Awareness of
3. Worthwhile
4. Let’s Have show of hands
5. The more educated people are , the more advantageous it is for the
6. The more educated people are, the more advantages there are for the
7. Advantageous: سودمند
8. Humor me:
9. Fruitless exercise
10. Create more litter
11. Compound the problem
12. Not only would it be a fruitless exercise but also it would create more litter.
13. Unattainable Goal

14. It would prove + adj
15. Impracticable = unfeasible
16. Appealing plan
17. Everyone is so aware of the impact we are having on the environment.
18. Conceivable = imaginable
19. Retrieve
محکمه پسند = 20. Tenable
21. Will have + p.p = قبل از موعود
22. They are a viable alternative to petrol driven car.
23. Viable: شایسته
24. Improbable
25. Abandon
26. It is Questionable whether they will be able to convince everyone to stop.

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