97.09.09 Speaking Workshop Session 34 Globalization

Telegram Channel: @sabaitc




1. at this rate
2. we'll all end up eating the same bland food آخر و عاقبتمون
3. globalization and the impact it could have on local people
4. I am beginning to believe
5. it works the other way round = opposite
6. you can't be serious = are you kidding?
7. the author makes some very valid points = he speaks
8. a big multinational
9. actually no
10.he points out that ... = says
11.there are far more ethnic restaurants than people realize
12.there are 7 Indian restaurants for every McDonalds in the
13.I didn't realize that = did not know
14.end up living a more interesting and multicultural life
15.you have got to admit that
16.the ... market is totally dominated by ... = has the largest
market share
17.... taking over the market = seize

18.a joint venture between ... and ...
19.without globalization, international companies wouldn't
merge like that = combine
20.it pushes popular culture to the masses
21.and even further
22.travelling to far-flung places = remote places
23.suit the local culture = suitable for them
24.a lot of give and take بده بستون
25.has a monopoly over sth انحصا

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