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  1. By Mary Khorrami
    1-Many a driver has died in this treacherous road.
    Many a scientist has fallen for this temptation.
    2-Produce, Record, increase, decrease: when used as a noun, stress is on
    the first syllable and when are used as a verb, stress is on the second
    But for the word “Report”, stress on the noun & the verb is the same.
    3-lose track of time= not feel the passage of time
    4- latest & last
    Last means final or the end
    e.g., It is the last book of Shakespeare.
    e.g., It is my last session (there wouldn’t be another one)
    Latest means most recent
    e.g., It is the latest version of the software
    5-I must say
    مى خوام حقيق ىت را اذعان كنم
    I must say I’m such fickle.
    بوالهوس Fickle
    6-in fact

    )براى بيان ابعاد و جزئيات بيش ىت به كار مى رود(
    I’m never on time, in fact I was late for meetings three days in a row last
    He is a cruel dictator, in fact he has killed 1 million people.
    7- successive/ in a row/back to backپياپ
    يك رضبon end
    He is so talkative/ a chatterbox, he speaks for two hours on end.
    8-tend to معمولا
    I tend to keep people waiting a lot.
    European tend to succeed at the TOEFL exam whereas Asians tend to
    excel at IELTS.
    9- engrossed in sth مجذوب
    When I watch series, I get so engrossed that I lose track of time, in fact
    once I forgot to eat for three days in a row.
    10-before I knew it,هيچ نشده
    (used to day that sth happens very quickly)
    If you persist, you can master your job before you knew it.
    11- I do my utmost= I do my best
    12-I spent too much time driving/getting ready.

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