97.06.16 97.06.16 Session 23 Hometown 

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  1. I would like to thank our friend, Mary Khorami, for going above and
    beyond to prepare this piece:
    2- unaware غافل
    We brought them to power unaware that they are evil.
    3-Commit/perpetrate/carry out/engage in/do a crime
    They gave him capital punishment because he had perpetrated a
    heinous crime.
    He was given a death sentence because he had committed a heinous
    جنگ راه انداخت4-to wage war
    ابعاد فاجعه/ عظمت اشتباه 5-enormity of the crime
    كمبود-كسرى- تفاوت7-shortfall
    What is the shortfall?
    8-they mete out a punishment. = give
    9-common sight = usual
    Street fight is a common sight.

    10-those into water sports are well catered for.= they will enjoy every
    11-scenic=spectacular=eye catching=breathtaking
    13-treacherous road=dangerous road
    14-it is well worth it مى ارزه
    It is well worth the energy/effort
    15-the surrounding countryside is scenic.
    16-pretty sleepy village = not very noisy or active
    محصولى كه از مزرعه ب ريون مى آيد)17-Produce(n
    محصولى كه تحت فرايند خاص در كارخانه توليد شود)Product(n
    Production(n)نحوه توليد
    18-stretch of land
    Why should we come to your village?
    We have long stretches of white sand.
    تلفظ اسم و فعل متفاوت است
    20-my bedroom overlooks the street.
    21-cosmopolitan city= a city where different cultures live.
    22-as well as=also
    I have a brother as well as a sister.
    He is a teacher as well as a preacher.
    23-downside =less pleasant
    پرپيچ و خم و شيبدار24-steep and windy

    25-crisp air= fresh & cold air

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