97.06.09 Speaking Workshop Session 22 Lang & Communication

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  1. By Mary Khorami
    1-Struggle =grapple
    Struggle by/with
    I remember the first time I started to learn language, I really struggled
    with it.
    Some Iranian families are grappling with economic problems.
    ' محل اس رتس-2
    I study psychology, I am familiar with psychological problems.
    3- unlike / as opposed to/ as against. /in contrast to.

    unlike most countries in the world who have a normal relationship with
    the US, Iran is their enemy.
    از توان من خارج است 4- I am overwhelmed
    I can endure little stress, this amount of stress overwhelmed me.
    Do not overwhelm the students with too much vocabulary.
    پشتكار داش رت5- persevere
    When I was starting learning English, everybody made fun of me, but I
    ignored their snide comments and persevered.
    Soon I was scoring 10 out of ten.
    6- by the time/before I got to university, I could produce essays and
    translate 18 century texts without much difficulty.
    .كارتش را از جبيش درآورد و نشان داد7- she produced her card
    8-As part of my university course I had to go and live in France for a
    9- That’s when I learned that communication is more important than
    اون وقت بود كه فهميدم... .accuracy
    10- No sooner+had+Subject+ p.p
    No sooner had I sat down than one of the students asked a question.
    No sooner had she opened the present than she returned it. Returned it.
    Returned it.
    11- trying to find accommodation is a nightmare.
    12- there is no point in talking to these people.
    13-Hold the conversation

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