97.05.26 Speaking Workshop Session 20 Occupying Children

Telegram Channel: @sabaitc




  1. Real estate hasn't appreciated as much as has the dollar.
  2. I didn't notice you leave.
  3. Parents should help children develop life skills.
  4. I will have my film developed.
  5. One way to occupy children is to encourage them to make presents for upcoming celebrations.
  6. Don't be tempted to ...
  7. Volatile: بی ثبات
  8. Cite examples/reasons
  9. When/while writing an essay, you should cite examples as well as reasons.
  10. Not only do they enjoy making arts and crafts but also you can save money.
  11. Keep them active.
  12. They are sure to get bored.
  13. What have you از این دست....
  14. Bound to ...محکوم به
  15. She Speaks English fluently, her mother is American after all.
  16. Pathetic خاک بر سرش، بدبختا ، متاسفم
  17. Dump litter آشغال ریختن

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