97.04.29 Speaking Workshop Session 16 A Child's Milestones

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1. Drink from a cup/glass/Chah ZamZam
2. Milestones are reached. e.g.: walking of a child is a milestone.
3. word sentences
4. By and large = generally
5. To launch awareness campaigns
6. In terms of : as far as sty is concerned
7. Progress & regress
8. GPD : Gross Domestic Product
تولید ناخالص ملی
سرانه تولید ناخالص ملی
: 9. GPD per capital
11.By 22 of Bahman I will have lived in Tehran for 25 years.
12.By this summer I will have had my car for 2 years.
13.They will have acquired some social skills.
14.Test parental behavior/responses
15.Surrender : give up
تسلیم شدن
16.They haven't surrendered yet but they will have surrendered by end of
this year!
17.What are you talking about? They had surrendered before you were
18.to sit up unassisted

19.Moment, momentary, momentarily. E.g. our life is momentary and we
live momentarily.
20.- Power cut: power failure
قطعی برقe.g.: the power cut is momentary.
21.As far as communication is concerned.
22.Shake your head & nod your head
23.- Nodding acquaintance: to know someone but not very well!
24.Cognitive ability/ development
25.Will have pp. (if it is fact) => has pp.
26.e.g.: the baby will have reached the toddler stage => the baby has
reached the toddler stage.
27.Occasional tantrum
ناآرامی کردن
28.Throw a tantrum

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