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The most important decision young people have to make is about choosing their career. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and examples. There are some crucial and critical junctures in every human's life one of which is when an individual especially a youth decides to choose an occupation for him/herself. Therefore, it is the question of whether this determination is the most important one in his/her life or not. On the one hand, a widely held belief is that there are much more vital issues in a youngster's life which have to be dealt with concerned like education, marriage or even religion. They are of the opinion that when youths could choose their favorite courses of study or their decent spouses, they will attain calmness and success as two bolded purposes of life. Hence, finding a proper job stands in the a third place of priority in life crucial decisions schedule for them. On the other hand, some maintain that inasmuch as working is taking majority of useful daily time from every one not only must they not downplay the role of this decision, but also it has to be considered as a first priority. Furthermore, they strongly believe that having a good career leads to having a higher income, a better level of lifestyle and as a result, to have having a higher measure of satisfaction and feeling of success and happiness in life To put it in a nutshell, I tend to agree with the second group inasmuch as I personally have had a related experience to this affair. When I was 25 years old, I got married to a girl who I loved. In addition, at that time I was graduated in civil engineering which was my favorite field of study, but I had never felt satisfaction until I got employed in a reputable company called "Boland Payeh" as an executive expert with a decent salary which was my beloved career. Finally, I hope that every young person people can choose his/her appropriate occupation

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