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Is it better to educate children at home rather than school or not? At what extentd do you agree or disagree It is not a long time since modern families have s started educating their kids at home although, this is not a new practice and has d been practiced/done by farmers and villagers since from a long time ago. Many years later, children were accustomed to being taught at home and learning everything from their parents. In that time because of the large number of kids in families plus the distance of the houses, they were obliged to stay in their home for education. Besides, children did help their parents with in daily chores and farming events. Therefore, it was both logical and sensible for family units not to be fascinated by to sending children to the schools. In this day time and age, the supporters of this idea assert this type of education is still moral for a couple of reasons. The idea is supported via controlled and supervised teaching in purpose to train whatever they think is suitable for their children. First, "many of the topics which are taught at schools are useless and a waste of time", they maintain. Secondly, there will be no concern about learning negative behavior from other students. And the last but not least, the risk of contagious disease will be far more less. In contrast to this statement, I believe it is crucial for children to be raised in social environments, and schools are the best places for achieving aiming this purpose. As humans are created communal, our brood needs to be in relation to each other. Besides, the learning process will be more effective when it is carried y out in group as competition will be a great motivator for them. In fact, education is not the only purpose of going to schools. The more do they interact, the better they can handle their problems in their future social life. Moreover, they will become more independent after growing up. In summary, I would like to say the advantages of social education outweigh overweigh the disadvantages. However, reasonable monitoring of our child must be considered in order to prevent the unhelpful effects of bad manners which might be one of the negative outcomes of the public schooling. Golpar. Z

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