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In many countries schools have severe problems with student's behavior. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest? Without any question, the misbehavior of students in schools has been a serious challenge in many parts of the world. lack of knowledge in parenting, training teachers and lack of culture in societies results in problems in schools. To begin with, many societies suffer from their poor cultural manners. Children learn from one another easily at school and by that, behaviors change and students are likely to misbehave. Another reason, which is common, is the teachers who tackle with it directly. Not being well trained as a tutor leads to a circumstance in which not only does damages the students, but also the teachers as well. An unprofessional reaction in a situation is predicted to worsen it. Therefore, students are the ones who will be at a loss/will be adversely affected (do not benefit). But the main reason would be the upbringing of a child. Raising a kid leaves no question in his/her manner in the society at large. The very reason, which scientists have also confirmed to be true, is the parenting that covers the two other reasons. Hence, it results in damaging consequences at schools. Scientists have announced some solutions as the very primary requirements from the early ages. We must provide Providing technical training classes detailed on parenting in addition to those of the teachers. All in all, many problems as mentioned above on parenting and also teaching are projected to be simply removed by prohibiting them.

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