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Some people think universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. Others believe that this is an unacceptable policy. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. The issue of keeping a balance between the numbers of male and female students in course degrees in universities has been frequently discussed by many. Although some say such a policy should be implemented in all subjects, others, including myself, believe that it is not beneficial. Admitting an equal number of male and female applicants in some courses will probably render many of them unable to find a job later. For instance, more and more female students tend to major in a nursing degree, in this respect, it is slightly likely for male graduated in this field to be able to find a relevant job in hospitals on account of a lot of job vacancies considered for female competitors. Furthermore, it would be unfair to base admission to universities fields on gender. To be more precise, universities should continue to select candidates (depending on/according to) their qualifications of applicants. In this way, both of them not only have the same opportunity but also this policy helps them working hard to achieve good/high grades at school in order to be permitted for to entering the universities. Despite the arguments have been discussed above, Meanwhile some believe considering the same number of places for each gender in all courses would be unfair, it is argued by others that this approach would promote gender equality. Due to the reason that social taboos which are attached to studying some particular courses prescribed to a certain gender will be broken, it which means that it allows all candidates to study their favored courses regardless of those taboos in public’s opinion.In conclusion, I tend to disagree with accepting an equal number of female and male students in all subjects at universities since it can complicate finding a job later and promote gender bias and also is unfair. Thus the selection of university students would should be based on merit or qualification. It is absolutely crucial for university staff to process candidate’s application based on merit or qualification