97.04.15 Speaking Workshop Session 14 Family

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1. We saw r it at the weekend > in British English they pronounce r when we
have two vowels around a consonant! For example: let's do r it!
2. All the latest releases = the latest movies
3. I can't remember the last time
4. Get together
5. So much so /
تا اونجایی کهe.g.: My parents and I are very distant so much so
that I can't remember the last time we saw a movie together.
6. Remember: 1) to call him 2) calling him
7. We don't have much in common anymore
8. I don't have one.
9. Brothers in law
10.No longer are the economic policies working
11.A historical place
12.A historic moment
لحظه تاریخساز
13.Ly -> :از لحاظhistorically, logically, and chemically
14.Money-wise, time-wise, colleague-wise
پروژه ای که سرمایه زیادی می خواهد (سرمایه بر) 15.Capital-intensive project
پروژه ای که نیرو انسانی زیادی می خواهد (نفر بر) 16.Labor intensive project
17.Approachable: friendly
18.I feel as though :
انگار کهe.g.: I feel as though I'm a bird in a cage
19.Out of touch with the modern world: old fashioned

20.Close bond: very good relationship
21.Play the piano/violin
22.He shares my taste!
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